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BUG Hunter

Posted at: 2019-01-18 19:25:13
BUG Hunter

Duration: 2019-1-18 - 2019-2-18

You should use this form to report bugs or suggestion for improvement for the released content in Lord of Dark, the form will be accepting responses for the duration of the testing period and then it will be locked.

If you have issues with recharge, lost items or account issues, kindly contact customer support at: https://www.facebook.com/Lord-of-Dark-Chaos-Reborn-246843966207009/

Bug reporting...
Bad example: "Game is broken, fix it".
Good example: "skill is targeting multiple opponents when it should target one (include skill name).

Different type of bugs:
- Game-play/Feature/Functionality issues- Issues affecting game-play, Functionality or features are not working as expected. Interactive errors. .
Example 1. Character is not dealing damage ...
Example 2. You click the settings button which should open the settings menu but instead it takes you to another interface

- Interface/Display/Visual errors
Examples: Misalignment of text/image, broken images, wrong sized content, inconsistent colors on a link, button or menu, Truncation, overflow, overlapping text / images - Text and translation issues

- Misleading or wrong information:
Examples: Unclear rules, Misleading Rules in events, Wrong description of rules or other inconsistencies

- Performance
Example: Long response time, Game crashes, Lag.

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