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Lord of Dark Q&A

Posted at: 2019-01-16 16:31:26
Q: What is the game official website?
A: https://yadg.eskyfun.com/en

Q: How to find back your guest account?
A: If you switch account or replace the device, you’ll lose your account. We suggest you bind the email in time. And if you lose your account, please contact us!

Q: How to bind the email with the guest account
A: When you open the game and login, you can find a button “bind the email”. Click it and your email box will receive a mail about it.

Q: How to change the password?/I forget my password!
A: When you open the game and login, you can find a button “forget the password”. Click it, and your bound email box will receive a confirmation mail. Then, you can change your password.
Or, enter the official website and login. Then you can also find “forget the password”

Q: How to get Dragonstone
A: kill monster, login reward, Gold exchange, Chapter reward, Quest reward, Castle upgrade and so on

Q: How to let the building upgrade more faster
A: use Speedup items, Dragonstone and Alliance help

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