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FAQ For Newbie

Posted at: 2019-01-16 16:29:01
Q:I’ve downloaded the game but I cannot install it
1. Check if the downloaded package is complete, also to check your network
2. Insufficient storage or not meeting the necessary configuration
3. Check if the system is set as “ prohibit installation”

Q: I choose the server but it keep showing “connecting…”. I can’t login
1. Test if there is a regional network problem and whether other apps can be connected;
2. Switch to different networks and try again (2G, 3G, 4G, WIFI)

Q:How to figure out the LOGIN/ DROP OFF/ CRASH DOWN/ FORCED TERMINATION problem?
1. Close app that are not in use;
2. Try using a mobile with a higher hardware configuration;
3. Uninstall the original version and download the latest client and reinstall version;
4. Choose the right account right server;

Q:How to switch accounts?
A .Inside the game interface, click avator—setting—log out account. And the n Select “switch account” in the login area

Q:How to adjust/close the game volume?
A:Inside the game interface, you can select “ setting—system setting” to adjust the volume

Q:How many roles can I create in one account?
A:The same account can only create one role

Q:Why my system function is less than other player?
A:Please improve your castle’s level first. Because many function in the game will be opened when you reach to certain level. 

Q:How to be strong?
A:You can be strong through upgrade, improve your building level, train your soldier, kill monsters, collect resources enhance Alliance, attack Stronghold and so on


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