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Fate of Fairy Couple

Posted at: 2018-07-27 15:50:11

In the world of Wuxia, of course you can fight together with your friends, but what you can also do is choosing your fairy couple, give him/her all your love and accompany by her/his side. How about hold a grand celebration with your lover. Except for the exclusive wedding costume and beautiful coat, you can also have the unique couple wedding rings. Moreover, you can enjoy yourself in the candy issue, lucky money received, and shoot off fireworks. Let all the guests and couple have a great big fun in the wedding!

Flows of the wedding:
1. when both the Male and Female player reached to Lv.40, you two can create a team
2. Head for House Teng NPC Moon Lord's side, chose " Go to marry”,The Male player should make a proposal first
3. You can choose the type of rings when you make a proposal,different rings have different attribute, from high to low is: Mutual Affinity/Solemn Pledge/Perfect Couple/Twin Bliss
4. After the Female player agree with the proposal will enter into the "make a vow" stage, choose "I do" to marry
5. After each side agree with it, they will be auto transfer to the wedding scene: Mythical Love Stage,both the bride and  bridegroom can chose to hold the feast, issue the wedding candies or shoot off the fireworks.
6. Lucky Money got from the guest can be divided by bride and bridegroom, and the Fairy Jade they got will be put in the wallet (social- couple)of each other

Hold the Feast:

All player inside the wedding scene can get EXP, the feast can be divided into 3 types: Simple/Grand/Luxury

Issue the wedding candies: 

There will be 10 Candies Gift Pack in the wedding scene, can get random rewards and debuff after collecting it.

Shoot off the Fireworks: 

EXP gained in the Feast + 50%

Wedding Benefit
1. The wedding ring can enhance, refine and improve the attribute of player.
2. Couple exclusive skill will be activated when the Couple Love Point is improved.
3. Couple Love Point can be improved by Embrace, Dual Training and Sedn Flowers.
Embrace: The first 3 times Embrace everyday can add 3 points.
Dual Training: The first time Dual Training each day can add 9 points.
Send Flowers: need to cost roses, everytime send the rose can add 9 points.( single use 99 roses can have the entire server announcement and the entire server flower specail effect)

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